A Brief History Of Fashion Watches – An Evolution

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Published: 04th October 2010
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What started as just a piece for indicating the time, wrist watches are now almost the only sort of men’s jewelry. Even when the concept of fashion watches hit men, the maximum variation that was made was watches made of gold and other precious metals. But now it is all different. People and manufactures alike, experiment with the different methods and materials that you can make fashion watches different and new. So, let us go through the history of fashion watches.

Even before the introduction and the subsequent popularity of the wrist watches, fashion watches in the form of pocket watches were ruling the roost. Generally limited to the royalty and people belonging to the upper class, pocket watches were even made of precious metals and become a sign of authority and prestige. Even when wrist watches were invented and were being worn by women, the arena of fashion watches for men was ruled by pocket watches.

But gradually, pocket watches started to be replaced by wrist watches due to the refinement of technology. With the decrease in the size of the watches and new technology being added to the existing ones, men started to prefer the wrist varieties. One of the famous fashion watches were the ones made of gold and those that needed to be wound regularly.

With the introduction of chronology and the automatic watches along with tiny watch springs, the size of fashion watches continued to reduce in size drastically. There was a time when gold watches with thin straps and not that big dial were a fashion with men. But these were still the conventional watches whose sole work was to show time. As we continued to progress in the watch industry the just date and the day date were introduced. This opened up a new avenue in fashion watches where people came to understand like such watches which not only showed time but also performed additional tasks.

It is at that time that watches ceased to be just timepieces and started to become items for personal jewelry with men. Once again the phase of fashion watches started to revolutionize. People and manufactures began to experiment with the style and design and materials of manufacture. Manufactures of fashion watches started to hire designers for the purpose of making fashion watches more hip. This began a new chapter in the fashion watches industry.

Metal watches both of non-conventional and conventional metals started to be manufactured. People started to like such watches that were made from metal alloys as well as the conventional gold and silver ones. It is at this phase, that fashion watches became jewelry watches with precious stones and metals being used in the manufacture. In fact, now it is also possible to find such type of watches that look just like steel but are in reality made of platinum and gold.

Now the fashion watches market is flooded with different varieties of watches. You can still find the conventional stern faced executive ones as well as the funkier versions. The main area of development in fashion watches at present is that they are no more simple timepieces. Once again watches are being looked upon by people as a sign of class.

In addition to this, instead of the plain timepieces, people prefer the "geek" ones with extra features. This fashion of technology watches have reached to such an extent that the time indicating ability occupies only a minor place in this new style of fashion watches. The extra accessories include such tools like temperature and humidity measurement, the GPS system, a normal compass and even a heart rate measurement tool. Actually there are some types of digital watches that carry more than one and sometimes multiple extra accessories in it.

Thus, fashion watches have come a long way in terms of style and technology. From being just tools form time indication they have reached such a stage where a watch can indicate you direction and also enable you to communicate with people through satellite transmissions. Though fashion watches have gone through many stages of evolution they still remain the only part of men’s jewelry.

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